Monday, December 6, 2010

Ya'll Come Back Now, Ya'll hear?

The day we drove into Cherryvale was one of those days I expected nothing or very little and had a true life experience.
As we strolled in the little dusty Kansas town, we had no idea where to look, where to drive, how to find Louise Brook's family house or if the town even had a museum or any kind of knowledge of her existence.
The museum in Cherryvale is a house with a sign in front of it that says museum, easy to miss, we drove by about 4 times before we actually saw the sign.
We finally found it as the sun was setting down, but realized the doors were closed, we were too late.
As we walked back to our car, an older man wearing a Parisians type painter's hat approached us and asked if we wanted to see the museum, we said yes, and that we were looking for information on the life of Louise Brooks.

Mr. Peters was responsible for the Art Exposition at the Museum, he took us on a tour of Cherryvale

Mr. Peters and his friend from California, Mr. Wayne, who owed a hotel in town were hosting an art exposure at the Museum.
They told us a lot about Louise Brooks and also told us about Vivian Vance, she was the actress who played Ethel Mertz at the "I Love Lucy" series and off course they told us all about the creepy Bloody Benders.
We left the museum and I admit I was impressed with the Bloody Bender's more than anything.
I kept putting myself in the shoes of immigrants at the time, traveling to a new land with their dreams and their little possessions and had their lives brutally taken in such a coward manner.
As we were living the museum, Mr.Wayne couldn't stop talking about the Historic Hotel he was restoring in Cherryvale and invited us to follow them in our car to go see the hotel.
Here is a link to the Historic Leatherock Hotel.
Mr. Wayne and Mr. Peters were really nice to us, actually too nice, and us people from Boston, are naturally suspicious if you are too nice, we are super suspicious, we have the mafia, remember? yeah, smiles don't mean a thing were we come from...
They were inviting us for tea and to spend the night at their Historic Hotel.
I told Gil, you gotta be kidding me, we learned all about the freaking Bloody Benders and now we are invited for tea and to stay at this nice people's Historic Hotel for the night!
Next thing you know we will be having tea in front of a large tarp at a wooden table with a large bench...
Get me outta heah!!!!!!
I decided to find a Hotel for the night and drive to Kansas City, Missouri where we will spend the night safe and sound in the comfort and protection of the big city :)
I am sure they are the nicest people you could find and off course there was nothing wrong with them.
See, it wasn't about them, they are nice and normal, they are from Kansas, it was about me, dealing with my imagination and the horror stories I had just learned about in the museum, I needed the comfort of the known big city Marriott for the night, so we can keep using the darn Marriott points and be done with that story too...
We thanked them for the hospitality and for being so nice and so helpful and drove to Kansas City for the night.

Big city, Kansas City,MO



Fiona said...

oh lordy-- do you think that if you hadn't heard of the bloody Benders that you would be more likely to take the gentlemen up on their offer? Great story. Had me laughing :)

Gil and Ray said...


I would definitely go and have tea in front of a tarp, even if said tarp had blood stains on it and wouldn't suspect a thing... :)
I tell you, give me any street in a bad part of Bronx, NY or Sao Paulo and I will feel right at home but when I hear coyotes and see the blinding dark of the country side I get chills to my spine...we are big city fools like that, I can't help it!