Friday, December 3, 2010

Being disbarred from the Gay kingdom?

Absolutely NO CARBS in the Gay Kingdom :)

Seriously, if our people (the gays) find out, we will be disbarred from the Gay kingdom for good.
We bought WHITE BREAD today, we haven't eaten white carbs in ages...

Gil's newest attempt to pass these darn kidney stones, we are desperate, can't you tell?

God help us!

Gil read on the Internet today that WHITE BREAD and CRACKERS with Mayonnaise will help you pass the darn stones, so off to Stop & Shop, our local grocery store to purchase items never found inside our pantry.

Crackers with Mayo should help you pass kidney stones

Yesterday's Coca-Cola/Asparagus diet did move the stones a bit, he could actually tell they moved from the left side of his abdomen to the middle, so we hope they are on the way out.
So, today, I had to throw out the rest of the 6 cans from the Coke 12 pack case out into the drains, our drains will be running great now, we don't usually drink soda, much less regular, with that much Corn Syrup.
Today, the saga continues, white bread with Mayo, crackers with mayo, and mint tea, that is the diet of the day.

This is the only item I could find in my pantry from today's attempt to pass Gil's kidney stones

He is feeling much better, the narcotics for pain are a real blessing, I need to remember to say a prayer to Oxycontin before I go to bed tonight.
It's amazing how Okie seems to understand what is going on, he always, ALWAYS is super excited to come  ride in the car with me, even if I am going for a short trip to the grocery store, he will want to come with me.

Okie is always ALWAYS ready to go everywhere with me! Not today!


 NOT YESTERDAY, NOT TODAY, I couldn't believe my eyes, but he stood next to Gil the whole time, as if he was saying:
-YOU GO, I will watch him and make sure he is OK.

Okie refused to leave Gil behind today! He was clearly torn between the car ride and his duty as a loyal companion!

These are the times I start to think and wonder for how long in history of human kind these little creatures (dogs and cats) have been around us, bonding, developing a strong relationship and taking care of us at times like when we are weak and or sick.
I love our dog OKIE and I always want to have a dog near me.
Now, let's hope we can pass these darn stones and finish this white bread quickly before our secret is out to the community and we get disbarred, whatever that means, have our speedos, gym membership and anything with the rainbow flag confiscated! (Not that you would find any of those things at our household, we are not your typical gays remember!)   ; )

God forbid our secret is revealed to our people

I had this weary feeling today that everyone was looking at me and they knew I was doing something wrong!


The Reader said...

So, out of curiosity -- why not round two of the coke/asparagus routine if it seemed to help? Why ditch the remaining cokes?

In all seriousness, I do hope Gil is feeling better soon and the stones pass quickly and with as little pain as possible.

Sweet dog you guys have; I do love dogs. Such loyal companions!

Danielle said...

Awww, Okie! Who needs kids when you have pets? :D :D

So frustrating that the doctor's can't do more except offer strange food combinations and numb the pain. I hope it's all over soon!

Gil and Ray said...

Dear Reader,

Gil ate an entire bunch of Asparagus pureed, it was a lot for one person at once, so he doesn't wan't to see it again anytime soon.
Same thing with the Coke, we don't usually drink it and he had to take 6 in 2 hours, he can't stand to even to the red cans that he feels like throwing up, so I got rid of them and cleaned our pipes, two birds with one stone ;)
Okie is a riot, he is an adopted dog, the best one I ever had. We always had dogs, but this is the first adopted and he is awesome, super smart.
He is doing good with managing the pain, he took no Oxycontin yesterday and only one today. The doctors said he could take one every 4 hours, so he is doing good.


Gil and Ray said...

Dear Danielle,

My parents always bought expensive dogs, I always had dogs but this is the first time I adopted.
The adopted dog is the absolute best, smartest, super mellow (carinhoso), he picks up on words both in Portuguese and English, very clean, he was house broken when we brought him home as a puppy.
Yes, Danielle, it is frustrating, his doctor prescribed:

-Promethazine 25mg for nausea;
-Oxycontin for pain;
-Tamsulosin HCL 0.4mg to relax his bladder (Flowmax)

That is it. If this doesn't work he needs to go back to the Hospital for an ultra-sound treatment that helps break the stones, if that doesn't work it's surgery :(
We can't wait to see this over.


Jim said...

How's Gil doin' today? Better, I hope.

Hang in there.

Gil and Ray said...


Thanks for asking!
We are learning all about pain management, he feels the stone moving towards the exit, but he actually passed out yesterday from pain as he was getting out of the tub, I was holding him and he felt to his knees as I tried to hold him up.
He is a fighter, he is tough and hopefully this hell will be over soon.


Nina said...

wow sounds super intense. You guys should talk to natural doctor. I think that taking vitamins daily should stop the return of problem with a detox. Food in the u.s. cam make you really sick. been there. and I am veggie. maybe you guys should detox together, with aid of a natural doctor. Detoxing is hard when one partners does it alone. Never do it sick. Begin with the gall bladder, and then at least a blood deox. Gall bladder you can just buy a detox kit and eat vegan. Then your blood. Blood is usually the dirtest thing. But if you don't do the gall bladder first you could end up sick again. Be careful for bullshit deoxes. I think it's best with a good doctor. Think about it you clean your car don't you? why not your body? I had gallstones and suffered a lot because I didn't understand what was going on with my body.

Gil and Ray said...


Thanks for the tips.
We are seeing Gil's doctor Monday morning.
We rushed him to the ER when he was in pain on Tuesday and saw the doctor that was on call...
His doctor is really good, in Cambridge, he is a professor at Harvard, they have a super natural approach to treatments and such. I am curious to hear what he has to say.
Thanks for sharing your experience and for your comment.


Stephanie said...

LOL to the carbs...I LOVE LOVE carbs. But dont worry, your secret is safe :)

Stephanie said...

LOL to the carbs...I LOVE LOVE carbs. But dont worry, your secret is safe :)

Renato S. Alves said...

I love dogs. I suffer a lot for all the dogs I had that past away. I now have a little puppy Annabelle. I just love her. She's by my side now.
I suffer of kidney stones for 20 years but I am finaly cured. I hot bath tub can stop the pain also, did you know? Very hot, the hottest you can stand. I used to do that before taking pills or shots. I hope he is better now...
You can send me an email if you want

Ray and Gil said...

Dear Renato,

Thanks for the hot bath tip, yes, Gil is all better now, he hasn't had any new kidney stones and he is monitoring with CT-Scans and regular doctors visits.
Say hi to Anabelle for us ;)


Jennifer Souza said...

That's the worst excuse for eating carbs EVER. lolol. I have heard the coke/aspargus works well. Sorry- I know it hurts!