Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tough guy rushed to the Emergency room!

Gil woke me up this morning and told me we had to go to the Hospital ASAP!
I had chills running down my spine, because he hates Hospitals, doctors, medicine, needles and will pass out before I realize there is something wrong with him, he is really tough with pain.
When he called me this morning with a plead to drive him to the ER I knew it was serious.
I jumped out of bed and was ready in less than 2 minutes.
I filled Okie's (our dog) water on the way out, kissed him good morning, he licked my nose and I couldn't miss the scared look in his little eyes, I had to lie to assure him "Esta TUDO BEM, Okie!" "Esta tudo bem!", he understands half English and half Portuguese and this is one of the things we tough him in Portuguese, when he can relax we say "It's all right" in Portuguese, "Esta tudo bem!"
I was out the door driving Mr.Tough Guy to the ER closest to our home in about 5 minutes.
It was pouring down, a very heavy rain and very windy, I had to hold the steering wheel with both hands, we got to the closest Hospital in 6 minutes, according to our GPS, I didn't even know where our local Hospital was until today once Gil only goes to his favorite doctor in Cambridge, close to downtown Boston.
It turns out he had Kidney Stones, I will write more about our experience today on my next post, but here goes a recipe to help you pass kidney stones.

Gil has one large one that has passed half way thru and several other little ones...
  His doctor gave pain strong pain pills ( narcotics) and anti nausea medication and sent us home, he is supposed to drink a lot of fluids and wait for the stones to pass, ouch!
This is in no way medical advice of any kind, it is simply what we found on the Internet and decided to follow ourselves to see if it helps Gil pass his stones and a way to kill time while the darn little boulders take their sweet little time.


6 cans of Classic Regular Coke ( it can't be diet)

You should drink the cokes at room temperature, 6 cans in 2 hours

1 Bunch of Raw Asparagus

Enough Asparagus to produce 8 ounces in the puree form

How to:

Gil needs to drink 6 cans of coke within 2 hours.
At the end of the 2 hours he needs to drink the Asparagus, steamed and pureed.
I am running the cooked Asparagus thru the Food Processor (Centrifuga).
He will be drinking the 8 ounces of Asparagus puree at the end of his Classic Coke Marathon
You are supposed to expect to be home the following day in case you have the runs, if you know what I mean.
Let's keep our fingers crossed, we are in for an Oxycontin, Classic Coke, kidney stones marathon tonight!



The Reader said...

Saying a little prayer for Gil and for you as you do what you can to support him through this.

Sara and Nate said...

When I used to work with adults as a nurse this is one thing that would bring the toughest men to their knees. Never underestimate the pain associated with a kidney stone. I am so sorry he is going through this.

Coke... hmmm. Interesting remedy. Let us know if it works. I was a dental assistant in college and we did an experiment with some teeth the dentist pulled one day. Each tooth went into a small cup of coke or diet coke. The teeth were gone in three days. Gross.

Danielle said...

Poor Gil! I'll bet he'll never want to drink coke again in his life.

And if he still does, just so him Sara's comment. The teeth disintegrated in 3 days?! Disturbing!

Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Gil and Ray said...

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much! Your prayers are much appreciated!

Dear Sara,

Yes, the pain is associated with that of labor!
He is not a soda person at all, the Coke/Asparagus remedie coudn't hurt and kept us busy while we waited for the stones to pass...which they haven't yet.
We stayed up all night and nothing yet!
When I was in School we did a similar experiment but we placed a piece of meat in a bowl with Coke and saw it disolve in front of our eyes...yes, it is gross.
He is a coffee/juice person and so am I.

Dear Danielle,

He never did like Coke anyway, he looked at it as a medicine...and brushed his teeth right away, we are not used to that much SUGAR or CORN SYRUP in this case.