Friday, December 3, 2010

Returning home-no more MARRIOTT for us!

After two days dealing with a stubborn kidney stone, (that hasn't passed yet) an afternoon at the Hospital, Asparagus, Coca-cola overdose, White Bread , and many Oxycontin pills later I decided to get back to describing our WONDERFUL TRIP  to the Midwest in the early summer.
So, we drove my sister Deborah to Oklahoma City's Will Roger International Airport, had breakfast with her and watched until she was passed the security screening area.
For some reason, after my sister left, I actually started to realize how tired I was, we had stayed up all night talking to her on the last night she was here which was right after the deer accident and the horrible storm with Tornado threats and power outrage, I was in no condition to drive and neither was Gil.
I told Gil sitting in our car at the Airport's parking lot, find us a Marriott, I want to lock myself in a Hotel and sleep until I feel recovered enough to drive.
We have always stayed at Marriott's because they are everywhere and it is very comforting to be in a somewhat familiar place when you travel for work so often as I do, all over the world.
In return I have accumulated a gazillion points with them and can always stay free and have lots of perks at any Marriott family hotels.

I have grown bitter towards the Marriott chain after I watched the Mormon's fierce, persistent and HYPOCRITE declared WAR against gay rights, the Mormons of all religions should shut the hell up about marriage and try to fly under the radar, but I guess magic underwear and living isolated in the desert makes you silly and stupid like that, yeap, I am not easy on them bastards and have no respect for their disguised evil cult.
I will be using up all my Marriott points and switching to the Hilton family hotels ASAP.
See, the Marriott is owed by a Mormon family and I can't possibly keep supporting a company who have ties with people fighting against my family's basic human and civil rights, not fair to Okie, not fair to Gil, me or our future children.

Bye bye Marriott, Hello Hilton!

I have enjoyed Marriotts worldwide thru my work related travels for almost 20 years, Budapest, London, Rio, Sao Paulo ( I love the one a at Vila Nova Conceicao), my all time favorite East Side Marriott in New York city (the only one with a bidet-my Brazilian soul talking here), NO MORE Marriotts, sad, but necessary.
Now, all we are doing is taking advantage of all the points I collected and staying at Marriotts for free until I run out of them darn points.
Ok, so we checked into a Marriott closest to the Airport, Gil was driving, I was exhausted from screaming children, deer crashing into our truck, watching for Tornadoes and talking to Deborah all night, not to mention, we had been on the road for a whole week.
I rested my head on a pillow on Friday morning and never left the room until Monday afternoon.

Oklahoma City skyline

We ordered room service, pizza, chinese and even sushi.
I sleep the whole time, I never realized children made me so tired, Gil read and worked on his PC.

Bricktown area of Oklahoma City

On Monday Gil asked me to take a detour on our way back home, an exciting detour!


Jim said...

Good for you Ray - putting your money where your mouth/pride/life is.

Gil and Ray said...

Hey, Jim, this is a small thing we can do to protect ourselves from evil!


Stephanie said...


I make it no secret I am Mormon. But I also make it no secret that I don't agree with the church's stance. But I also just don't think it was the LDS church that took such an agressive stand either.

There are lots of us that feel the same way I do, too. So it's not all of us, we're not all so bad.

Gil and Ray said...

Dear Stephanie,

I didn't mean to offend you or anyone individually.
One of the nicest people I have worked with were Mormons.
I will tell you a little dirty secret of the industry I work in, we do actually hire Mormons every chance we get, because in the financial services industry there is a notion that the Mormons ( as individuals ) are the most honest among the population and the best fit to handle large quantities of money in a honest way.
The very fact that I am surrounded by Mormons I learned from my Mormon work colleagues about the strong stance the LDS was taking.
I was told that a middle class Mormon family in California was compelled by the local Mormon Church to donate all their kids College Fund of over U$50,000.00 to the cause against gay marriage ( Proposition 8 ) in California.
As an institution the Mormon church can be very hypocritical and they are in fact very powerful, many times harming members of their own flock as you probably know.
I am sorry if you felt offended in any way, it was absolutely not my intention.


Stephanie said...

It's okay, I understand the strong feelings.

And say what?? That is awful. Unfortunately, the church is run by men. And they are fallible. I can not imagine someone giving up their child's fund for any kind of political nonsense. No matter who told them what, that's just stupid.

Sigh. Politics. Religion. Headache.

No worries, not offended. Just wanted you to know there are some of us who feel differently! :)

Jim said...

Stephanie - I can understand your frustration being a member of a church/organization that holds and opinion quite different than your own regarding homosexuality, but the facts are the facts.

The Mormon so-called church was THE leader in the organization against the efforts for marriage equality in California. There is plenty of evidence to this effect.

Of course this is not a criticism of you personally, but the criticism of the Mormon so-called church is based in reality.

I know what it is like to be raised in a faith that disagrees with ones heart-felt views. I was raised VERY Roman Catholic. But alas I had to leave the so-called church when it became clear they would prefer I not exist and actually spend time and money voicing their "opinion" as such.

Tough stuff. But Ray is acting in response to reality. And as we know in the USA, money talks and bullsh*t walks. Boycotts work.

Sorry, I don't mean to be critical or contrary, but if the Mormon so-called church does not want to be criticized for being a hateful political organization -- they should not act as one.