Saturday, December 4, 2010

An unexpected detour into the life of Louise Brooks!

Gil asked me if just for fun we could drive thru the town where she was born, Cherryvale, Kansas and try to find the house her family used to live. He has read a lot about her life and heard a lot about her town in Kansas.
One of my true pleasures in life is to make Gil happy, so off our route we went, he was truly excited and so was I to see how much that meant to him.

Gil has always loved everything related to the 1920's, movies, fashion, music, art, architecture, cars and he has a had a quiet admiration for a great silent movie actress, Louise Brooks, who had a fascinating life, she popularized the bobbed haircut among many other things in the 1920's.

Pandora's box was Louise Brooks only true success in her silent movie career

Here  you can find a little bit more information on Louise Brooks and her importance to Hollywood.

Louise Brooks popularized the bobbed style haircut in the 1920's

Below is a regional map with Oklahoma and Kansas so you understand our detour driving back home to New England we usually would have to drive straight East or North East, but we took a detour straight NORTH right into the heart of Kansas.

Cherryvale, Kansas, birthplace of Louise Brooks

 We found Cherryvale and saw a typical town that had a boom growth in the 1920's and a decline later in the century, but many beautiful homes from the era remained standing and many in very good condition.

Louise Brooks family's home when she was born, Cherryvale, Kansas
The train station is still standing and it is operational, no longer offering passenger service but still has quite a bit of cargo trains in and out of town daily.

Cherryvale 1920's train station

Bustling cargo business still active thru Cherryvale, Kansas.

Finding Cherryvale and the house where Louise Books was born was fun and Gil was able to see the places he read so much about, it brought the stories up to life, it helped us understand what kind of background Louise Brooks had while growing up and made Gil super happy and excited.
While looking for Louise Brooks land marks, we found a museum with an interesting and creepy Kansas true story.


Jim said...

Great fun. My favorite adventure when driving cross country is looking for the diner with the BEST apple pie.

There is much to discover in the heartland.

Linds said...

Cool train station!

Gil and Ray said...


We also enjoy looking for cool little whole in the wall type restaurants when we travel, we have always tried to avoid the chain restaurants since I found a piece of microwaved cardboard on a tilapia when we were having dinner a Trapper's in Oklahoma City, that sparked the whole discussion about chain restaurants shipping everything frozen and we getting served expensive microwaved food!


I totally agree, that is one cool train station, I didn't take a picture, but on the side of it, there was a large sitting area with brick benches were I imaginaged passengers would stay while waiting for the trains...