Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shocking US Map Animation of Unemployment Rate from January 2007 - May 2010

Thank you Mr.Bush! We won't forget your contribution to our country!


Tracy said...

Yikes, Ray, that was scary! I hope you do a post on the horrific decision to cut funding to Planned Parenthood and NPR, yet keep funding NASCAR of all things. Grrrrrr.


Gil and Ray said...

Dear Tracy,

I agree, this was scary, I real wake up call, it makes me insane mad to imagine all the families left without jobs across our country.
And the first thing we hear from the government is that they will cut heating assistance to the poor and elderly, cut planned Parenhood and other dirty little tricks they have up their sleeves.
What is happening in Wisconsin is a real travesty, they are trying out over there to see if they can end Public workers Unions once for all and if works the Republicans plan to apply the same tatics all over the country.
The first Public Workers Unions were founded in Wisconsin 75 years ago.
This is nothing but a dirty maneuver from the local Republicans who are getting National support.
The entire country is watching what is happening there because it will define our future as a nation. A nation where greed prevails over hard working honest people... :(
The worse part is that Republicans and Tea Baggers have the talent to gather support from Poor people who will be crushed further down by their dirty greed policies.
Mr.Obama has started to get on my nerves really bad too, he is turning out to be a real Conservative, he is doing everything Republicans want him to do and some.
Let's see, I hope when the economy recovers, things will fall into place and improve.
The economy is showing some very shy examples of improvement.