Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Vaccine Against Skin and Renal Cancer!

Following dear blogger/friend Danielle's lead, I decided to embark on her great "Caught being good" initiative and share some good news we got from Gil's mom this week.
Yes, I have fully recovered from my hangover originated with this week's negative Florida trip post fiasco :)
"Caught being good" this week is Phd. Jose Alexandre Barbuto, an immunologist at Sao Paulo University (USP), in Sao Paulo, Brazil, who just developed the first Vaccine that is showing to be 80% effective on the treatment and stopping the growth of tumors in Skin and Renal cancer patients.
You can find the original article in English HERE .
This is the contact for the Brazilian company that is producing the Vaccine in Sao Paulo HERE.
You can also find out more information at Hospital Sirio Libanes in Sao Paulo:

Hospital Sírio Libanês - Grupo Genoma.
Telefone do Laboratório: (0800)773-7327 

( ask for Dra. Ana Carolina or Dra. Karyn, for more details )



Jim said...

Great to have the NICE Ray back. LOL

Thanks for the link. Living with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia places Luiz at much greater risk for skin cancer. I will talk with his doctor about this.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news!!

Nina said...


Gil and Ray said...

Hey Jim,

I am glad you guys can benefit from this information.
Come on, I am not doing so bad, I have had one bad, bad post so far...
I promise to do better ;)

Jim said...

We fall down... we get up.

Move forward. I'm looking forward to it.

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It is a good news that their is "New Vaccine Against Skin and Renal Cancer!" It could give the people a HOPE!

Qemkusar said...

thank you for awesome news