Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Iowa grandmother speaks in favor of her son's civil rights!


Jim said...

Yea mom!

Rachel said...

I would pay my Iowa Grandma to do this! She would somehow manage some slightly racial slurs, a bit of Catholicism,and then say 'who are we to judge?

Gil and Ray said...


Ha! That is too funny, I can totally picture that having a Catholic grandmother as well... ;)
I think Iowas is AWESOME!
They have every reason to be SUPER proud of their progressive state that left places like New York and California eating dust and seen from the rear view mirror regarding civil rights.

Anonymous said...

She is awesome! I just shared that on my facebook page, thanks.

Gil and Ray said...

Dear thetaoofme,

Your are welcome. Thank you for spreading the word.
We need more straight people making public statements like these :)