Monday, February 21, 2011

Tired of the beach? Try this HOTEL FAZENDA 1 HOUR AWAY FROM SAO PAULO

My brother just tried this place over the weekend and loved it. HERE is a link for the information on the this nice Hotel and the gated community being built in the area.
If you love horses and the country side, this is a great getaway from the big city, ok, even if you don't like horses, it's a great calm place to recharge your batteries.



Rachel said...

We went to a hotel fazenda with the whole fam and LOVED it! It was great for everyone!

Gil and Ray said...


I love the country, just wish I had a half a million bucks laying around to build a house at this cool gated community :)
My brother has a chocolate lab and they live in a small apartment in the city, so they do get away every chance they get.


Hotel Fazenda SP said...

Yeah..Rachel hotel fazenda is such nice place. Perfect place to have a vacation together with your family or your partner in life.