Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beach Day in SAO PAULO!

I am not crazy for the beach. I do prefer the country side, but a friend of mine just took some friends visiting her in Sao Paulo on this DAY TRIP to the beach and was very happy about it, she is raving about this small travel agency that specializes in taking foreigners to the beach for the day.
They even have tour guides who are expert surfers and will give you beginers lessons, how cool is that?
Maybe you are stuck in Sao Paulo with a friend visiting from another country and would like to spend a day on the beach, this is a great option.
They will pick you up in Sao Paulo in the morning, take you to a beautiful beach 1 hour away from the city for the day and bring you back by the end of the day, they promise you will be back home in Sao Paulo in time for dinner.
They focus on foreigners and are fluent in English, their website is also 100% in English.
HERE is the link to their website with details for this cool new initiative.


Jana @ Paper plains said...

THIS is fantastic! Just sent it to a bunch of friends. Since we are some of the few with a car we usually end up doing the driving for a one day trip to the beach... which if you get stuck in traffic makes for a terrible ending to a great day especially if you are behind the wheel. If we could sleep or read in the back of a van... well perfect! Id be curious to see what it costs but this is just awesome to know about!

Gil and Ray said...


This option could be a life saver for folks that have no cars, don't want to drive or don't feel comfortable driving alone to the beach. I know I will be using them soon.
Please share reviews if you use their services.