Friday, July 22, 2011

Two Classics, One Car

I would like to introduce you all to the GREAT Margareth Dunning!!!

I found this video today and thought you guys would enjoy it.
This one thing you gotta love about parts of the US, stability, weather wise for example, that is a huge start.
Margareth bought this Packard in 1930, imagine all the weather events parts of this country have suffered, earthquakes in California, Tornadoes in the Midwest, Hurricanes in Florida. Have you stopped to think of all the wars the world has seen since 1930, in Europe and Japan for example, it devastated entire regions. The Cuban revolution! All this happening around the world all this years, but Michigan has been a haven of peace and stability that have allowed Margareth and many other people to create personal traditions such as the one shown on the video.
Can you imagine this 101 year old lady, Margareth Dunning, who bought her convertible Packard 740 in 1930 and is still driving it and keeping it in mint condition!!!
It wasn't Margareth's first car, her first car was a Ford model T, her father died when she was only 12 years old and she had to drive her mother everywhere at that early age. Her mother couldn't drive because of a disability.
Margareth has kept her awesome Packard 740 in her garage since the 1930. She is from Plymouth, Michigan.
The proud Packard owner still replaces the car's sparks, changes the oil and invite friends to help polish the car often.
Amazing if you ask me!
I wonder if I will still be driving my Ford Expedition in 70 years from now ;)



You can read more about the wonderful Margareth Dunning and her stunning 1930 Packard 740  HERE,


Jana said...

Great story! My Father in law has his fathers 34' packard which my husband will get 3rd generation and hopefully we will have a kid who will inherit it 4th generation! Its a fabulous car in great condition... I sent him this story, he will be so happy!

Ray and Gil said...


That sounds so cool!!!
I would definitely do anything possible to keep that packard in the family for generations to come!
Glad I could share this stoty and you can send it to him. :)


Renato S. Alves said...

Ei Ray
Lembrei de você. Assisti a esse video aqui

e me senti muito mal. Acho que o rapaz exagerou mas, é divertido ler os comentários...
Obg por comentar lá no blog. Suas visitas são sempre apreciadas
Abs e bom fim de samana

Fiona said...

That is a VERY sweet post. Thanks for sharing. :)

Ray and Gil said...


I am to hear that you enjoyed, it shows you have great taste! ;)