Thursday, July 14, 2011

The 51st state

SOUTH CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know, I was as shocked as you!

You heard me right, South California is an initiative in full force, just presented by Republican supervisor Jeff Stone.
The new state would have around 13 million people and would instantly be bigger than Illinois and Ohio.
Since the late 80's and mid 90's when I lived in California, I have always heard people from the North, San Francisco and Sacramento areas complain about the people from the "South", read Los Angeles, splurging on water. Precious water that according to them came from Northern California, because the South is water starved and desperately needs water, to keep lawns green, wash cars and all the other more important things we do with water to survive.

HERE is the L.A.Times piece with more details about the proposed division.

Some people I knew in the Sacramento area used to complain that they were water conscious while the South spent water like there was no tomorrow. I always heard that with a dash of suspicion because I always thought Los Angeles is so dry. They seem to keep their water consumption to a decent minimum.
So, when I hear about California is thinking about breaking apart and becoming two states, the first thing that came to my mind was WATER WARS! Right! WRONG! I couldn't have been further from the truth.
The biggest inspiration for the secession of the North and South is politics, and it isn't as much a South/North division as much as it is a diagonal cut across the state. Separating the sophisticated, wonderful, smart "Liberals" from the rednecks  "Conservatives", with the exception of poor little San Diego, dragged down along with the toothless folks.

HERE is another article today on Yahoo news. Experts saying this project is still a long shot.

So, here is how the new states would be divided:

California and South California proposed division!

All joking aside, the fight goes deeper, according to the L.A.Times, for example, Sacramento recently approved a new law in the state making grocery plastic bags "illegal". You might think, harmless, right! What's the big deal?
The big deal is that 4 plastic bags factories will be immediately shut down, and get this, they are ALL within the new proposed Southern California state, yes, where the rednecks "Conservatives" live.
It's no joke, millions and millions of people consuming plastic bags no more. That will put a lot of people out of work.
I just don't get it. Why are they dragging San Diego along with them? San Diego is awesome and "Liberal"!
There is a lot that I just don't get about this proposed new state.
I didn't live in California long enough to understand this any deeper.
Now, could I please ask Jim ( San Francisco ), Danielle ( Berkeley ) and Rachel ( Coronado-San Diego ) to give me a light? Anything? Guys! You are my California experts ;)
What is going on! Is this just hot air?
What else would you add to this discussion?

Thanks :)



Danielle said...

hahaha! That map made me laugh.
I do not accept this idea! Being from California -- one California -- is a huge part of my identity!
But in all seriousness, it won't work. The rural counties and the urban counties depend on each other, and both benefit from having in-state access to the other. Lots of economists will come in and explain all the problems (like how expensive a separation would be logistically, and also -- who assumes all of California's debt? What about university students paying in-state tuition?). It's just the crazy extreme right-wing religious/anti-immigration fanatics trying to get a chance to pass more extreme conservative laws. There is zero economic benefit that I can see.

Ray and Gil said...


Off course, Immigration, how did I not think of that!!! :)
I agree with you, it sounds to far off from reality.
And imagine all he new political positions/opportunities!!
Gil laughed when I showed him the article.
Thanks for your imput :)


Alex said...

This sounds a lot like the efforts to make new states like "Tiangulo" in Minas Gerias and Tapajos/Carajas in present day Para. I don't think those or the California one will happen anytime soon.

I think Porto Rico will be the 51st before "South California."

By the way Ray, thanks for clicking my ads, the dollars are piling in! For real!

Alex said...

I meant to say "Triangulo" not "Tiangulo" WH00PS!

Ray and Gil said...


I have to agree with you, it sounds like neither will happen any time soon.
Politicians are certainly salivating with the opportunity.


Ray and Gil said...

You are welcome buddy, we will click on your ads as much as possible and help you get to Brazil faster ;)


Anonymous said...

Just wait till LA tries to be their own state. They're definitely their own culture within CA.