Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brazil Travel Tips

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If you are in Brazil or want to travel to or around Brazil, here is a great little web site my Brazilian friends follow on a regular basis to discover awesome deals to fly around the country and travel for peanuts, they also have deals on Hotels and everything else you might need to travel around this beautiful country.

HERE is the link to the site called Melhores Destinos which in English translates to "Best Destinations".

Today's deals, you can fly Gol airlines from 33 different Brazilian cities to the beautiful island of Fernando de Noronha for as low as R$99,00.
R$198,00 from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia & Belo Horizonte to Fernardo de Noronha(Round Trip)
A good way to enjoy a little warm and sunshine if you are living in the Brazilian south and are a little on the chilly side from this unusually cold Brazilian winter.  Enjoy! ;)



Jana @ Paper plains said...

Ahh I have wanted to go there for forever! =) Great site, thanks!

Ray and Gil said...


This is a great site, they usually publish last minute AWESOME promotions so if you want to take advantage of the opportunities, it's a good idea to follow them on twitter. ;)


The Reader said...

Will check out the site, but will NOT be flying Gol. Too many "rough landings" for my taste. We had a landing so hard once that the seat tray in front of us slammed open (broke the clip that holds it closed) AND the light panel above my boys came loose at one corner. Nope, will not be risking our lives on that airline again. Not worth it, even at R$198/round trip to Fernanda do Noronha. (what a great price though!!! If it was Tam or Azul I would go in a heartbeat!)

Ray and Gil said...

Dear Reader,

This site shows deals on any airline and any hotels.
The day of this post was the Gol promotion to "Fernando de Noronha", their deals usually run out fast, because people buy up all the seats available at the flight they are posting on the site.
So, the interesting thing is to follow them on twitter and be prepared when they post great deals.