Friday, July 8, 2011

Don't drink and drive!

This video was originally posted at "Road to Brazil"

I always thought Brazilian ads are extremely creative, here is a great example.
I would like to remind everyone reading our blog about Brazil's "ZERO TOLERANCE" on drinking and driving policy.
The country is taking this issue very serious and they mean business. Brazil has seen a huge decrease in accidents and death from drinking and driving.
You will loose your license, get a huge fine and even end up in jail according to the alcohol level found on your blood, trust me on this, you don't want to end at a Brazilian jail.
The Brazilian police is well equipped with Breathalyzers, this has become a gold mine for them, revenue wise.
Contrary to what you may hear, it is being enforced all over the country.
It doesn't hurt to have a designated driver or just leave your car at home and take a cab, they are not expensive at all in Brazil.
Some bars and restaurants in Sao Paule and Rio even offer you a free ride home, they will pick up the cab fare for you.
Enjoy your weekend in my beautiful Brazil. I hope to join you soon ;)

TRANSLATION OF VALET TICKET ( at 1:22 of the YouTube Video below ):

"Never allow a drunk motorist to drive your car, even if the drunk motorist happens to be you!"


Meredith said...

Great post! Thanks for putting this out there. Drinking and driving not only endangers your life (and those in the car), but everyone on the road and in the vicinity where you're driving. Drunk drivers crash into people's houses all the time. Good job, Brazil!

Ray and Gil said...

Dear Meredith,

This is very true.
Besides the obvious negative effects of drinking and driving in Brazil, now you can get in serious trouble for that "innocent" glass of wine or beer.
It has become a gold mine for the governament and they are taking full advantage of the new law.
I admit that I have many times driven home after a few glasses of wine, not that I ever felt that I put anyone in danger. I never drove while drunk, but with the ZERO TOLERANCE policy, you innocent glass of wine can turn into a real nightmare.


Alex said...

I think that this is a really good idea, and I really liked the commercial.

One thing I did not get, however, was the "havah nagilah" playing in the background. Sorry if I butchered the spelling on that word.

SN said...

I just have to tell you this story-

The other day, literally, I was in Walmart checking out. When I finished up, I looked to my right and there was an older gentleman waiting on his wife to finish checking out. On a second glance I noticed he was drinking a beer... with a koozie at 1130am in Walmart in Brazil. On my third glance I noticed him twirling his keys in his right hand while taking a swig of the beer in his left.

I was absolutely appalled to think that this man has the guts to drink a beer in public and rub in everyone's face that he will be driving!!!

Ray and Gil said...


I think this is exactly the type of people the new Brazilian law is aiming to get!


Ray and Gil said...


I honestly have no idea as to the choice of background music.
Maybe a simple preference on the part of the producer. I think he attempted a comical musical background, because this commercial is a kind "punked" or "candid camera" bit with a smart message.