Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wear Sunscreen, floss, happy!!

I loved this video, it was sent to me today from a great friend from Miami.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Jessica said...

Hi Ray,
Man, you weren't kidding about needing air conditioning down here. Nossa, is it ever HOT!!! Luckily we did have A/C units installed a few months ago. :o)


Ray and Gil said...

Dear Jessica,

I feel your pain!!!
Santos can be brutally HOT and stuffy!
Sometimes I would drive down to visit my aunt and my blood pressure would drop with the intense heat. We would lay in the couch feeling lazy and heavy almost like if I was sick. The heat seriously made me sick I couldn't even drive back home and often decided to spend the night.
I didn't have a car with an A/C back in those days...
Sao Paulo never ever gets as hot as Santos, when you drive up the "Serra do Mar" you can feel the cool air hit you half way to Sao Paulo. :)
Hope you keep finding ways to keep cool and enjoying Santos.
Have you found out about the Fresh Fish Market at "Ponta da Praia"? Awesome great fish, try and ask for a "Badejo", it's a delicious meaty white fish typical of the Baia de Santos region.
You should also look for the beach vendors that sell super chilled Iced Tea with Lime and Fresh Made Pineapple juice, they are famous in Santos.

Good to hear from you

Born Again Brazilian said...

I love this! I remember this speech, but I can't remember who gave it. Do you know who it was?

Jana said...

BAB - it was written in 1997 by Mary Schmich for the Chicago tribune but Kurt vonnegut Gave it as a commencement speech. (Wikipedia) I was curious too :)

Born Again Brazilian said...

Thanks Jana!!

Ray and Gil said...

Yeap, thanks Jana!
My friend sent me this video the day I spent working in Chicago!!