Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Impressions: Sao Paulo

Dear fellow blogger Rachel from "Adventures of a Gringa", a New Yorker who lived in Rio de Janeiro before returning home to NY with her Brazilian husband, wrote a great post on her first impressions on our hometown of Sao Paulo.

New symbol of Sao Paulo-Ponte Agua Espraiada

Gil and I laughed together as we read about Rachel's first impressions on Sao Paulo as she got it so accurately.
Rachel is a great observer to say the least and a brilliant writer and was clearly very successful in describing her experience in Sao Paulo.
Yes, we are biased and we have read and admired Rachel's blog for years now.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Jardim Europa, one of the nicest upscale neighborhoods in Sao Paulo, founded by British immigrants 100 years ago.

HERE is the link to her blog with the original post and below is the post we are referring to:

February 12, 2012


Alex said...


I will, without doubt, write a first impression post shortly after I arrive.

CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

Ray and Gil said...


We will definitely be looking forward to your first impressions!



andy martin said...

Yep, pretty similar to my own feelings about the place when I arrived. I have just moved here, though it is my third time in SP, and whilst I am from a big city as well SP is just so overwhelming!

I'm also writing a blog about my own experiences of adjusting to life here so would be great if you could also check it out!

Jana said...

Ah I missed this blog post for some reason. So fun to read other's first impressions =) Funny about the cultural center, its my point of reference if Im ever lost around Pinheiros!

Ray and Gil said...
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Ray and Gil said...


I jumped one day when I saw it by surprise, you know living in the US, you never saw the building and then one day BAM! On your face!!
This is so typical of Sao Paulo... :)
I also really enjoyed Rachel's post, she is a great writer.
I have been super busy with a new job and will be writting updates soon.