Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Ok, Brazil, we want to be next! Pleeeeeease!!!!

...and our saga continues, apparently, a lot of other people are beating us to it!!!
I have been interviewing with a few companies but haven't found a good opportunity yet, we want to do the right thing, so patience is key right now and I might add that the crappy "real state" situation in the US doesn't help us much.
We will keep looking and will keep you all updated. :)
I have to confess that I get VERY a little jealous of all these people going to my home country, getting jobs and starting new lives and we are still here "MORRENDO DE SAUDADES" of our entire families, friends and culture.

New Brazilian passport with electronic chip!

The Brazilian government is working to ease up VISA procedures for foreigners with high education levels applying for jobs in Brazil while at the same time trying to control the Haitian immigration occurring thru the Amazon region.
The idea will be to find jobs and relocate if necessary the Haitians that are immigrating to Acre and Amazonas and find them jobs where they might be able to use their French speaking skills in the larger cities in the South. Perhaps employ them during the World Cup and Olympics and help these folks establish themselves better in Brazil.
Meanwhile, the goal is to control the influx of Haitians with low skills, Brazil will limit Visas to Haiti to 1000 per year.
A bittersweet fact is that Americans are among the largest group of immigrants going to Brazil right now, and that is because the economy in the US has been destroyed by irresponsible behavior ON THE PART OF SOME REPUBLICANS in recent years.
Yes I totally blame BUSH for our economic chaos, are you kidding me! Do you think the greedy bastards would let us get away with it if this economic chaos had been created under a Democrat president?
Not in a million years!
It is bittersweet to me because at the same time that I appreciate all these highly educated and highly skilled Americans going to Brazil in droves, it hurts me that they are going mainly because most of them simply can't find jobs back home.
I truly love this country as my own, this is my home, it has been my home for 15 years now and I really hope things get better in the near future.

Here is a break down of all the immigrants going to Brazil in recent years

Brazil, just like the US, is a country built on immigration.
Immigrants who still bring new dreams, new skills, and new customs to add to the wonderful melting pot that  has been defining Brazil for a little over 500 years now.
Our home town of Sao Paulo had a HUGE influx of immigrants from Italy.
In my opinion, Italians shaped the Paulista way of life more than any other group of immigrants.
Both Gil and I have Italian ancestry. Gil was even able to get an Italian citizenship and passport because of his close ancestry line to that country.

Italian immigrants in Sao Paulo

Ukrainian immigrants in the state of Parana, Brazil
The video below will give you a great view of the new wave of immigrants going to Brazil:



Alex said...

Ooooo, I liked the video =)

I'm sure you guys will get there soon! You're lucky, you wont have any problems with visa issues!

Keep looking, I'm sure something is waiting for you right under your nose! Estou torcendo pra voces!


SN said...

This makes me sad for you two! One day it will happen but you are right that it needs to be the right opportunity.

Are you both only looking in SP or are your options open??

Anonymous said...

kick these Bolivians and Paraguayans OUT before its too late... they will breed like rabbits. just what brazil does not need : more poverty!!

Ray and Gil said...


Thank you for the kind words, yes, we are lucky that we don't have to deal with Visa issues and the Brazilian government. Hell you are lucky when you can avoid dealing with ANY government! ;)


Ray and Gil said...


Thanks, we are ok. I just like to be careful with such an important life altering decision.


We are open to other parts of Brazil, but it would have to be a VERY good opportunity to put me somewhere too far from my family.
Rio is a natural preference because one of my aunts lives in Barra ( probably one of your neighbors ;) )
Curitiba is another favorite because Gil has several relatives living in that city.
But Sao Paulo is our ultimate goal because our parents, siblings and close friends all live in the Sao Paulo metro.
We are optimistic that we will find something soon!


Ray and Gil said...


I have to say I got a little emotional when I read your comment, but not for the reasons you intended.
Your insane, racist comment reminded me of my own origins. My grandfather arrived in Brazil in 1925 from Spain, very poor, fleeing religious persecution in Europe. Full of hopes and dreams for a better, safer life.
He found a young immigrant girl, also from Europe, also from very humble origins. They both worked in coffee plantations for a couple of years and later moved to the city where he worked in construction and then became a taxi cab driver in Sao Paulo, my grandmother was a maid.
They had four children, sent them all to college, 3 engineers and 1 teacher.
Their 4 kids gave them 13 grandchildren. I am one of them.
The 13 grandchildren are dentists, lawyers, engineers, successful business people, doctors and teachers.
I could easily say that my family breeds like rabbits too, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.
My family is the biggest example of why your comment is racist, biased and twisted in a scary way.
Your comment also reminded me that Brazil shares yet another set of values with the United States and one poem comes to my mind:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

- Emma Lazarus, The New Colossus

In case you don't know this poem is at the foot of the statue of Liberty at the New York harbor.

Danielle said...

I can't wait till you guys get here! This is your year!! <3 <3

Ray and Gil said...

Dear Danielle,

Thank you!
Yes, this is our year!!

Grande abraco

Jana said...

Oh I can imagine how frustrating it must be to see this influx of all us here, I swear the americans are everywhere now. We were late bloomers but even since last year its no longer a strange moment to hear english on the street, you hear it all the time! I am so so hoping you guys come this year, it is your year! I do know it sounds easy to get a job here but I feel like unless you are within very certain companies and industries its also very hard even here. The people doing the best are the ones sent down not down because they want to and finding good jobs. Wishing you all the best in a speedy move though, can't wait!

Anonymous said...


I agree with you, we also hear English spoken in Sao Paulo all the time and I have also heard people speeaking Spanish often...

We are excited for this year's possibilities, we are not desperate, but excited to get moving back as soon as possible. I love both my grandmothers and miss them so much, one is 87 and the other is 89, I want to spend as much time as possible with them.

Thanks for your comment. Ray

Jennifer Souza said...

I'm sending you a big boost of lucky energy! It must be very hard to hear about others moving to Brazil, while you are longing for it.

I do want to support you in finding the right job. Relocating is HARD, and the right job with a good income can make all the difference.

(An aside: Whenever we go to to the federal police, they assume Carlos is Haitian and I'm Brazilian.The Haitians see him and get very excited, as well! Carlos speaks 3 languages, and it drives him nuts that he can't communicate with his 'cousins.' All I can say in French is "I don't speak French" and "Where is Phillipe? He's at the pool. He's at the library.")

Ray and Gil said...


Your French is better than mine ;)
That is funny that they think Carlos is Haitian!!
Are there Haitians in Buritis? That is interesting!!!
I read that they are all over the Amazon region, but I didn't think they came that far South/Inland.
You are right, we will wait for the right opportunity.
Thanks for the words of encouragement.


Ray and Gil said...


I answered you as annon because I was traveling and managed to access the blog comment area from my phone. (working in your home town ;)



Jennifer Souza said...

Hey Ray-
The mistaken nationality happens in Porto Velho- from our trips to the Federal Police. (Which was smooth, easy, and fast. Much to both of our surprises!) Most people in Buritis are 'brown' with only a handful of 'blacks' liek Carlos. There's also a smattering of folks from the south area. (Which also makes me be mistaken for Brazilian here in Buritis.)

So, in Porto Velho I had to do things for my Green Card, and the Haitains were there for the same thing. They brought them in by bus from working on 2 different dams one time, and another time is was some Haitains who were working at local restaurants. The one thing that separates them from Carlos is that they were all very, very thin. It's clear their lives in Haiti had taken a toll.

Ray and Gil said...


It is sad that they are so thin that people can tell them apart for being Haitians.
I hope Brazil gives them an oppotunity to built decent lives.


Jennifer Souza said...

Hey Ray-
It is - but I should say was- really sad. On our second trip we ran into 3 of the same people (how amazing is that?) and they had put on at least 5 kilos each! in only 2 months! Brazil is definitely better than Haiti for them!