Saturday, November 20, 2010

Living our American Dream

I am glad to be finally writing my first post, yes, the first of our blog was written by Gil. He actually set up the blog and practically kicked me in the force...yes, no democracy around here.
I would like to dedicate my first post to several bloggers who are living or have recently lived in my dear home country of Brazil, most notoriously Danielle, Rachel, Jim, Ginger, Stephanie, Fiona, Leo, Adam,
The Reader, Sara and Nate, Eric, Emily and little Gabriela and many others who have inspired us to start writing about our experiences in the United States.
We were finally able to get married in Toronto, Canada, on July 2nd, 2010, after living together in the US since 1998, we have lived in the Metro Boston area since 2001.
I left Brazil in July of 1998 in search of peace of mind which we couldn't enjoy in Brazil due to homophobic persecution, Gil came exactly 3 months after me.
We are very happy together, I am with the person I love and we have been enjoying our piece of the American Dream for many years now, life is good.
Welcome to our Blog!



Jim said...

Ray - WELCOME to the blogosphere! And congrats on the "real" wedding in Canada.

I look forward to reminders about our previous home country.

Ray Adkins said...

Thanks Jim,

A weeding post is in the works and it should be published soon.
Glad to see you here!
Welcome to our blog.


fiona said...

Hey, I'm looking forward to hearing about your Canadian wedding too! What fun!

Ray Adkins said...

Hey Fiona,

I am working on it...
Gil does not want his picture published, so it is a work in progress, soon, I promisse.
Thanks for visiting our blog.


The Reader said...

Just found you, Ray! Nice to hear some of your story, though I'm sorry for the rocky beginning you & Gil had.

Many congrats on the wedding! and I look forward to seeing you in the blogosphere more often.

Ray Adkins said...

Dear Reader,

Thank you for your kind words, yes, the begining was tough, but thank goodness it's in a distant past...
Great to see you here,
Welcome to our blog :)