Saturday, November 20, 2010

A beautiful fall day in New England

We live very close to the North Atlantic and enjoy a quaint life in a small coastal town close to Boston.
Walks to the beach are a pleasant break to our busy working days, we both work from home and I travel very often, so we greatly enjoy our strolls down by the water with our dog Okie, yes, Okie is from Oklahoma, which I will dedicate an entire post for introductions a bit later.
I took these pictures by the water at our city park earlier today.
We are 1 and 1/2 miles from the beach and the temperature drops about 10 degrees near the water because of the strong wind pushing from the cold waters onto our shore.
This is the pathway that surrounds the entire park and most people use it for jogging, riding bikes or chasing squirrels, depending on your point of view.

Okie loves running around chasing squirrels trying to hunt swans, deer and sea gulls, he has a full agenda when at the park but he learned to listen and pose for pictures.

The best thing about the end of the fall is that the tourists are gone and we have the beach all to ourselves.

Below is the same beach last week with most leaves still holding on to the trees for dear life...

Most Oaks and Maples have dropped most leaves over us by now, however some awesome bushes around our house are still holding on to some pretty amazing colorful leaves.

We love our yellow maple but this baby is coming down the first chance we get, our property has way too many mature trees and very little sun.

This last picture is my favorite.

I was laying down on our back patio trying to get a cool angle of our yellow maple when Okie found me and was curious to see what the heck I was doing looking up with my phone against my eye, right after this picture, I got a big lick on my hand.
This last picture was take last week, all the yellow leaves are gone now.
Our fall is almost over, I have enjoyed the mild temperatures this year which have created some unique fall colors I had never seen in my almost 10 years living around here.
Fall is definitely the most beautiful time of the year in New England, however, not our favorite.
We are looking forward to seeing the lost New York area tourists gone back down south.
Our first big snow storm of the season is due anytime now and we are ready for it, yes, we love the cold, we love snow and we enjoy every winter day more than any other day of the year.


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