Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brazil: Almost as cool as the U.S. :)

Brazil: Almost as cool as the U.S.

Meaningless poll says Brazilians are not as cool as Americans.
Lady gaga 2011 09 06
Pop star Lady Gaga, shown here dressed as a man, is one reason America is the coolest. Pop star Britney Spears, left, is not. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
You're nearly there, Brazilians!
According to a random social-networking site that is not as cool as Facebook,, the United States is the coolest country in the world.
Brazil comes in second.
Really, though, it was fixed from the beginning.
According to Reuters, which conducted a serious analysis of the non-scientific poll of 30,000 people, Americans invented cool, and therefore nobody else can ever be as cool as we are.
Reuters conceded that while "not all Americans are cool far from it," there are some Americans who are "way cooler" than others. These Americans, according to Reuters, are: Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, Samuel L. Jackson, Johnny Depp and Quentin Tarantino.  
Also, America's president is clearly the coolest president in the world.
At least Latin Americans can take some comfort in knowing that their region was well-represented, holding down 8th place — let's hear it for Mexico — and 9th —nice job, Argentina.
And everyone's cooler than the Russians.
Check out the full list below.
1. United States
2. Brazil
3. Spanish
4. Italians
5. French
6. British
7. Dutch
8. Mexicans
9. Argentinians
10. Russians

                I just have to add, where the hell is CANADA on the list above???  Come on, Jamaicans gotta be cooler than the Brits!!! And Japan is wicked cool if you ask me. :)
                So this is how MY LIST WOULD LOOK LIKE:

1- Brazil and US ( Sorry, it's a tie for me ) ;)
2- Spain ( Totally second )
3- Italy  ( I have to agree, Italians are awesome )

Ok, here is where my list start to differ

4- Canada ( AWESOME!!! LOVE Canadians )
5- Japan ( Come on, they are super cool!! )
6- Jamaicans ( I think they invented cool!! )
7- Australia and New Zealand ( ehh, maybe, but I will most likely never brave the 350 hours on a plane to find out first hand ) ;)
8- Dutch ( the Dutch are totally cool )
9- Argentinians  Uruguay ( Cool, no, not really, I will take Uruguayans over Argentinians any day! )
10- Russians Ukraine ( Hey, I will take Ukrainians over the crazy Russians too )

          How would your list look like? :)

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Alex said...


Brasileiros are much cooler than Americans. In general at least.

My list
1) Brazilians
2) Americans
3) Spanish
4) Cubans
5) Argentinians

And I don't really know what else. Brazilians win!

Ray and Gil said...

Ha, you are right, the CUBANS, how could I have forgotten the CUBANS!!!

Hey, Alex, the name of our blog says it all, but I have to say I do like your list too! ;)


Alex said...

Hey, I'm part Ukrainian! Nobody in the world knows about the country even though its the largest country fully within Europe. And every freakin person says "The Ukraine". No. Do you call France "The France", "The Canada", "The Mexico.." Nope. Ugh.

And just kidding about Argentinians on my list. They are a little quiet for my liking. I'll replace them with Colombians!

And yes, Cubans in general are great. And the food, my dear lord, is unforgettable.

Btw Ray I sent you an email!


Ray and Gil said...


You are right! I wonder why some people say that!
Cool, I will check my inbox now. ;)