Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st Solar-powered Soccer stadium in Salvador-Bahia-Brazil

The good news keep coming out of Brazil.

1st Solar Powered Pituacu Stadium in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil 

I am so proud to find out that the 1st solar powered Soccer Stadium is being built in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
What a great idea, they sure have a lot of SUN in Salvador, why not put it to good use.
We have to hope this is a trend that came to stay.
Why not Bus Terminals, Train and Subway stations, Supermarkets, Airports, Malls, Residential Apartment buildings?

Stadium Pituacu today, Salvador, Brazil


Projected renovation of Pituacu Stadium in Salvador surrounded by Solar Panels


Solar Panels being installed at Pituacu Stadium, Salvador, BA, Brazil

Solar-powered soccer

A solar-powered stadium is in the works for Brazil's World Cup
Brazil soccer stadium 2011 09 13
Players will face off under the sun in Brazil. (Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP/Getty Images)
Work is scheduled to begin this month on Latin America's first solar-powered soccer stadium.
The solar array will be installed on the canopy covering the grandstands at the at the Pituacu Stadium in Brazil.
It is part of an effort to outfit all the 2014 World Cup venues with solar power, reports the International Business Times.
The installation of the solar panels is expected to be completed by December.
A 3-megawatt solar farm was built last year at the NASCAR Pocono raceway in Pennsylvania. It was the largest solar sports stadium in the world, according to Energy Matters, at more than double the size of the second-largest solar-powered stadium, located in Taiwan.
The stadium in Brazil will put out 403 kilowatts at its peak power voltage.
The project is a joint venture between German photovoltaics company Gehrlicher Solar and Brazilian environmental technology group Ecoluz Participacoes. 


Anonymous said...

it will look fantastic!!

Alex said...

Wow, that looks really cool. Awesome Idea obviously. Otimo!

Jana said...

thank goodness. Ive been wondering for quite a while why I dont see more solar generation in Brazil. They are lucky solar receptors and rarely take advantage! I think they should put it on a novella, then it would be so hip everyone would want it! For now, soccer is great role model though!

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