Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shame on ICE! :(

The text and video below were originally published at BRASCHECK TV.com

Welcome to America

No legal protection for non-citizens

Theoretically, there are legal protections for people who visit the US.


But the theory goes out the window if one of the little ICE dictators decides they don't like you. "Rule of Law? What's that? You're a non-citizen on US soil. You don't have no stinking rights." And that's how they play it every day all over the Land of the Free.

The story of the cruise ship full of elderly Brits abused at the hands of ICE in LA was unusual - because it was reported. Apparently elderly people aren't subjected to collective punishment back in the UK. Backward place really. They need to get with the program.

Seriously, how many hundreds of billions - trillions? - of dollars have these federal shit heads cost this country over the last ten years in discouraging travel, discouraging trade, loss of good will. (They were behaving this way long before 9/11 by the way.)

And for what? Greater security?


The country was raped and pillaged in broad daylight by a handful of banks causing exponentially more economic damage than ten real armies could inflict on the US and no one's even been brought to task, let alone indicted.

But by God, if a handful of cranky elderly people object to the way they're treated by the steroid pumped morons brigade, we're going to hold up everyone on the boat with them - all 2,000 - for seven hours and show them who's boss.


Nina said...

This is one reason, I can't stand living in the U.S.. What is going on people????

How can so many Americans just turn their back against humanity and human rights. I mean, it remembers me of nazis and the whole craziness of what happenned to the jews being scape goated. The politicians just point their fingers at imigrants like they are the problem. ahhh! please.

Ray and Gil said...


I hear you, and totally share your frustrations!!
To make matters worse, these were "TOURISTS", and elderly folks, our economy DESPERATELY need their tourist dollars to help improve job creation!
These days I am afraid of flight attendants, airport security personnel and don't even get me started on immigration officials!!! :(
Just unfair!