Monday, June 20, 2011

The Truth About the Economy


Danielle said...

It seems like he's also arguing that the solution is that the super rich need to pay higher taxes and that politicians need to vote in favor of the middle class, not in favor of this super rich. I think he should've said that more directly at the end.

Ray and Gil said...


I agree, that should have been more clear.
Long story short, Republicans have been using social values such as "abortion" and "equal rights for gays" as a way to hipnotize and distract a large majority of social conservatives into voting for them, so in return, they keep cutting taxes for the Super Rich.
No wonder we are in this mess, the Super Rich who used to pay 70% taxes on capital gains now pay 15%! Nobody is paying enough taxes to keep the economy moving.
And now they are talking about cutting medicare and social security!! :(