Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow Blizzard 2010!

Another tradition our little family has started since we moved to New England is to get out of the house during snow blizzards and play in the snow while nobody is out yet.
Call us crazy! We are from Sao Paulo and snow blizzards are specially exciting for us. We usually get all bundled up during the storm, before the plows are even out cleaning the streets and prepare for a thrilling adventure out and about.
Camera in hand, we first take some pictures of our house and how the snow is accumulating around the house, on the plants, on the roof, driveway etc...
House pictures taken we hop on our mean 4X4 Ford Expedition and head for the streets of our neighborhood, Dunkin Donuts drive thru is our first stop, two large HOT Lattes, 5 splendas each, 1 bran muffin and 1 double chocolate chip muffin. We are ready for the adventure to begin.
This year the Blizzard came late on Christmas day so we could take pictures of snow covered homes decorated for Christmas near our home, which it was fun. I love driving the 4 Wheel Drive on streets filled with pristine snow.
I think the pictures will give you a better idea of our night out driving in the blizzard.

That's good, now save some room for Dunkin Donuts goodies :)

No! Oh! You are trying to cut back on your sugar intake, I get it...

Our Colorado Blue Spruce covered in snow
Our little Cape being hammered with wind and snow!
Yes, you need a snow brush if you want to pay with a card outside!
Snow covered streets, more like a ghost town! LOVE IT!
New England architecture is my absolute favorite!
The white snow increased the quality of our night pictures!

Snowy nights hold a magic that I can't describe in words!

Some homes are really cool with the snow covered Christmas decorations.

Ghost town with unpassable sidewalks

Awesome older homes, some are 300 hundred year old!

Believe it or not part of this wealth was created around 200 hundred years ago from Whale Fishing

One last stop at the Park so Okie can mark that pristine snow and show local dogs who is the Alpha dog ;)
Okie, that is a wrap! Let's get back to the bunker, the plows should be out anytime now!

The wind was brutal! Click on the picture to watch the side ways snow!



Danielle said...

Everything is just so beautiful! I've never seen snow fall. I think I'd be equally excited.

Also, your dog is just so precious! More pictures, please!

But really, gentlemen... 5 packets of Splenda each!?

Gil and Ray said...

Geez, I've just cut down from 8 splendas after Gil drove me nuts for years!
On my defense, we always order LARGE Lattes which are made from really strong expresso coffee :)

PS: I just made a video of him hunting for Rabits but I still can't upload videos!
I am writting you an email.


Jim said...

BEAUTIFUL! Some of those shots would make great Christmas cards.

Luiz uses 5 Splendas too (three if the cup is small).

Jana @ Paper plains said...

Great photos, I miss those evenings when its quiet and snug. I used to have a routine too, 7-11 choc chip muffin and their cheap crappy cappuccino from the machine (i know i know disgusting but it was the routine!!!) But those moments are truly the best, thanks for bring them back for me =) AND at least you are using Splenda!!!!

PS thanks for your advice on the shipping process!!!

Gil and Ray said...


Great idea for next year's Christmas cards...


I am glad you enjoyed our pictures...we do a lot of 7-11 in the summer with their slurpees.
7-11 in Sao Paulo has Guarana slurpees that are awesome, you got to try it.
You are welcome on the moving company tip. We have been researching a lot in case we move to Sao Paulo someday...someday....