Saturday, January 15, 2011

Discount Shopping in Brazil

We have a good friend who just bought an apartment in Sao Paulo a couple months ago and had to buy everything from furniture to appliances to electronics for her new place.
She got a good tip from a friend and bought almost her entire new house at this one store, it is called " "ARMAZEM 7" which means "WAREHOUSE 7".
ARMAZEM 7 is an discount warehouse that sells new stuff clients just returned to several different stores for no reason other than changing their minds about the purchase.
Traditional stores don't like to deal with trying to sell returned TVs or Refrigerators out of the original factory packaging so they sell it to ARMAZEM 7 which sells it at a good discount.
My friend saved R$500,00 on a brand new stove and over R$700,00 on a large screen LCD TV.
I haven't tried it personally but heard great things about it.
If someone knows them and want to share any impressions or feedback please let us know.
Another tip is "E-BIT" which is a website where you can compare prices of different products online, from Airline Tickets to Books, you can rate your consumer experience at a given store and also see what review other people have given such store or company, everything from TAM Airlines to your local grocery store or pharmacy. The site rates them according to price, customer service etc...



Danielle said...

woo hoo! Thanks!

Gil and Ray said...


You are very welcome.
Please let me know if have any luck with Armazem 7. I am really curious to hear about it because we might need to use them in the future as well.


Jana @ Paper plains said...

Love it! Thanks, this will certainly come in handy!! =)

PS went to Green Garden last night post coming! GREAAAAAT PLACE =) We decided to celebrate our 6month anniversary and it was splendid! Nice bottle of wine, cool breeze stunning view great fondue (choc and meat was the best, cheese certainly lacking but who cares) anyways we had a fun adventure getting there as well... made good friends with the car park guy who showed us the skyline and said you can even see the water on a clear night?!?! awesome will be back for lobster some day!

Gil and Ray said...


That is so cool. I am glad you enjoyed it and they are still good.
The view is really my favorite in the city. Tough to find a clear day in January anyway but July will be really good, clear dry days are the typical Sao Paulo winter.
Looking forward to your Green Garden post.