Friday, November 30, 2012

Sidewalks in Brazil

Our dear fellow blogger Jessica, from FIQUE TRANQUILO wrote this cool post about Sidewalks in Brazil, more specifically in her town of Santos, Sao Paulo, which is located about 1 hour away driving from the city of Sao Paulo and South America's largest and most important harbor.
Awesome patterns and just so you all know, this is an art form imported into Brazil from Portugal. You can find this cool mosaic type sidewalk all over Lisbon.
If you ever watch them repairing one or setting up a new mosaic sidewalk, it's labor intensive and it does require skills, each stone is shaped in a certain way with small chisels and hammered into place carefully so they don't brake but fit together perfectly to form the desired design.
Here is her post:


One of the things I love here in Santos are the sidewalks.  This pattern is the most common, and I think it's called Rio, because they have this design all over Rio de Janeiro as well.

You can read more on Jessica's post HERE.





Jessica said...

Thank you, Ray! Glad you liked the post; they really are so beautiful. I wish I had more examples, but I don't normally carry my camera around with me.

born again brazilian said...

very cool!

Joan Ross said...

That is a beautiful sidewalk, indeed! It really requires good knowledge and craftsmanship to make beautiful and intricate patterns. I visited Jessica’s post, and the other designs I saw there are wonderful! I wish she could post more pictures and samples for us to admire. Thanks for sharing!

Joan Ross @ Parking Lot Services

Timothy Egan said...
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Timothy Egan said...

This style of cobbled walk originates from Portugal (calçada). Though you will find intricate and interesting patterns in the former colonial cities of Brazil, the patterns and styles found in Lisbon, Porto, and other Portuguese cities are often more intricate and detailed. The stone used is often marble (black and white), or granite, depending on local availability.