Friday, September 14, 2012

Brazilian Marshmallow - Maria Mole

Brazilian Marshmallow- Maria Mole- Invented by Antonio Bergamo from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Gil shared this information with me and I thought it would be could to let you all know about the Brazilian Marshmallow.

Maria Mole Bicolor - Strawberry flavored Maria Mole

In case you haven't tried yet, it is heavenly if made home and enjoyed fresh.
You probably have tried it at Festa Juninas, when they are served more often.
There are several versions, the most common being the one rolled in Coconut, not my favorite.
You can also find it strawberry flavored, which is pink. Also not my favorite.

Maria Mole with a layer of cherry Jello

My favorite is the one my grandma makes it, fresh, homemade heaven, no coconut, no strawberry flavors, just plain white.
It is a typical Brazilian treat, made with sugar, egg whites, colorless gelatin, and optional shredded coconut - (not my favorite version).

Diet Maria Mole, looks delicious if you ask me

When the dessert is ready, the consistency resembles that of Marshmallow, but it's not sticky, it is said to be the Brazilian version of Marshmallow, very popular at the Catholic festivals in June, called "Festas Juninas".

Maria Mole made with wood handle sticks for parties

Maria Mole was invented by Antonio Bergamo, in Sao Paulo, he was a Paulistano of Italian ancestry. Antonio Bergamo manufactured candy and he wanted to find a way to use all the "egg whites" left over from the making of other candy that only used egg yolks.

Creative version of Maria Mole imitating a chess game

So he ended up achieving a harder consistency from beating the egg whites and added colorless gelatin to the mix, he was afraid it would turn to hard, but to his surprise, when the mix cooled down, it didn't harden too much, it remained soft, hence the name "Maria Mole" or rufly translated to "Soft Mary".

Brazilian creativity at it's best


Nina said...

ricardo loves maria mole. Thanks for this. It made me think of him.

Alex said...

I want some!!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome Nina!
I love it too, and miss it a lot!!


Anonymous said...


We will have a fresh batch waiting for you when you arrive in January!! :)



PS: How ridiculous is Google that I have to sign on as Anonymous on my own blog!!! UGH!!

Rachel said...

I have to say, I hate this stuff! HATE it! Then again, I'm not a big American marshmallow fan either.

Mabel said...

For the love of God! Maria Mole with a strawberry syrup is one of my favorite desserts! The consistency is heavenlish.

Anonymous said...


You haven't tried my grandma's homemade Maria Mole, it will probably change your mind... ;)


Anonymous said...


I totally hear you, I haven't tried with strawberry yet, but it does sound very good... :)


Tom Le Mesurier said...

My wife *loves* Maria Mole. It often shows up in our fridge (but doesn't stay for long!). Predictably, it's too sweet for me!

Jennifer Souza said...

I have never seen or heard of this, but I'm going to keep an eye out now. It seems much more versatile than the American marshmallow.

Born Again Brazilian (not religion, just Brazilian) said...

Yum! I'm going to try it. I wonder if you can make Rice Crispie Treats with it.