Thursday, August 16, 2012

Somos São Paulo / We Are Sao Paulo. 7 bilhões de Outros / 7 billion Othe...

I just found the video above on "Eyes on Brazil" and I thought it was very interesting to share them with you.
These are interviews from "Expats" or "Immigrants" to Sao Paulo, from people who immigrated in the beginning of the last century, people who came during or after WWII and all the way to recent arrivals.
I would like to point out to M, from Born Again Brazilian that at the 20 minutes mark a grandson of Japanese immigrants shares the story of his grandparents "hating" mortadela and throwing it away while preferring to eat plain bread  ;)
I also thought it was interesting to hear the Chinese/Brazilian girl saying her Chinese parents called her a "Banana" because she is "yellow" looking on the outside, and "White" in the inside, because for the Chinese, Brazilians are white, as in "Western Cultured".
We usually hear people talking about Brazilians as if they have an impression that we are all darker, and have a darker complexion, which might be true for some parts of Brazil but definitely not for Sao Paulo and the south of Brazil. I will never forget when I was 17 years old in Oklahoma and a man told me I couldn't be Brazilian, because I wasn't "dark enough"!!! His exact words were "How come you are white? If you are from Brazil...and my reply was... because my parents are white... and I left at that... :)
Ok, so when you have a whole hour available to immerse yourself a little deeper in what it means to be in Brazil, to live in Brazil and to become a Brazilian, take the take to watch this amazing collection of interviews from Sao Paulo immigrants.




Alex said...

AWESOME! I will watch this later, looks cool!


American Heart Brazilian Soul said...


I liked it too, let me know what you think ;)



Renato S. Alves said...

Dear Ray
The video is amazing. Have you notice something, most of us (Brazilians) love when people immigrate to Brazil (which seems not to be the case here in US), but if you leave Brazil to immigrate to another country (afffmaria!)kkk I was even called a traitor!

Jana said...

I think this is a lot of the reason why I have felt so comfortable "fitting in" because there isn't one "type" of brazilian. Its as much a melting pot as the US at least in Sao Paulo. Great video...=)

American Heart Brazilian Soul said...


It's interesting you mention that, I never notice what you said in Brazil. Maybe it's different in Sao Paulo and other cities in the state.
Yes, I agree with you, Brazilians love foreigners and treat them very well.

Obrigado pelo comentario


American Heart Brazilian Soul said...

Dear Jana,

I totally see why you fit in Sao Paulo, you sound like a cosmopolitan person, also from a big city in the US, and you are right, Sao Paulo is a real melting pot within Brazil.
Glad you enjoyed the video, I did too... :)


Born Again Brazilian (not religion, just Brazilian) said...

HA! checking it out now. Love it!

born Again Brazilian (not religion, just Brazilian) said...

This is such a great find! Thanks - going to share it, hope you don't mind!