Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday Night Live - Zeca Chuteira - 22/07/2012

So, the biggest gossip to hit the Brazilian celebrity scene is the recent revelation that UBBER HOT Brazilian Soccer player and celebrity RAI, left his wife 2 years ago and has been dating the also HOT and HIP Zeca Camargo, who is a Globo TV/Fantastico host.
They are so hot it hurts, and that bothers a lot of people!!!!

Here is a picture of Rai:

Rai, Sao Paulo soccer player and a Sex symbol in Brazil

And here is a picture of Zeca Camargo:

Zeca Camargo, TV Globo Fantastico Show host

In Brazil we have a nick name for women/girls who are the equivalent of "groupies", but instead of rock stars they prey on soccer players, we call them "MARIA CHUTEIRA", a rough translation would be snickers Mary, but chuteiras are special soccer player shoes with the spikes.
So, now, the ever so conservative Brazilian public has started the jokes, saying that now, we have a new trend "ZECA CHUTEIRAS", making a joke with the Globo TV host Zeca Camargo that has been dating the Brazilian sex symbol soccer player Rai.
So, if you catch yourself wondering what all this talk about Rai and Zeca Camargo is all about, you will now know, that this is what is all about.
Brazilians are very conservative and backwards when it comes to gay rights, and when any progress towards acceptance shocks with the good ol'MACHO, MACHISMO culture, you have the clash that we are seeing right now.
This is really hard for most IGNORANT Brazilians to understand when they were raised in a culture, not very different from Americans or Europeans by the way, where SEXUAL PREFERENCE, (notice that I will never use the word "choice", because to say choice is WRONG, we have no choice, we were born this way), is often confused with gender.
We are men who like men, some are effeminate, some are not, I know some straight men who are a little effeminate, but they like women, so there is a distinctive difference between gender identity and sexual preference.

Back to the clash in the minds of those raised in a MACHISMO culture.
Something that also drives me crazy in the Brazilian (and American) Machismo culture, is the fact that many women nourish such practice in society.
I heard from a very close friend today "RAI, nao acredito, JESUS, mas ele e tao masculino, nao acredito!!!!" UGH!!!! 
This is how it goes, and again, it's the exact same in the US, I am not sure about Europe, but I hope some of our dear readers might be able to contribute with their European perspective. Tom, any comments? ;)
If you drink BEER, you are a MAN, MACHO, macho man, if you drink wine, oh, oh, you might be gay. I remember when back in high school, girls drank wine coolers and guys drank beers, and yes, I went to high school in the US.
And in Brazil is no different, BEER is associated with masculinity, please people, let's move away from such "cliche" stereotypes.
If you play soccer, (Football in the US) you are a MACHO, MACHO man, if you join the chess club (Brazil) or the Band (US), not so much.
Not to mention, the idiots uninformed people who live in machismo cultures, think that masculine men CANNOT under any circumstance be gay, that would be the end of the world, their little pea brains would burst into flames and they would be confused, saying they understand but have a hard time accepting it, yes, I have heard someone saying that, to MY FACE, yes, they understand that GIL and I are gay, considering we are the BUTCH kind of guys, we LOVE beer, are you kidding me, our neighbors make beer in their cellar and we are their main tasters, drinking pals... :)
So, back to my mini gay hater rant, people (including people in my own family) have a real hard time understanding the fact that GIL and I are masculine guys who like beer and enjoy soccer, also are attracted by MEN.
Please forgive me, but I have grown less and less tolerant to people "Who are having a hard time understanding or accepting it"!!!
Another thing that disgusts me to no end is how backwards and ANTI GAY Rede Globo is in Brazil, to me they are the equivalent of FOX NEWS, with an evil twist, because they supported and protected the military dictatorship in Brazil between 1964 and 1986, and I won't forget or forgive them for that.
To add insult to injury, Globo is banning any news of the recent discovered love affair between one of their brightest stars and one of Brazil's most popular macho sex symbol of all times.

HERE is a news piece in Portuguese about TV Globo's cover up, and other reports HERE and HERE.

According to many different sources Zeca Camargo is livid with his network's decision to ban news about his romance with Rai.
I expected nothing different from a nasty TV network who supported the military in Brazil, with the support of the Catholic Church and the ubber conservative Brazilian elite.
Globo TV will block any attempt from any writer or novela director to show a gay kiss, which has been the subject of much controversy in the last few years.
So, again, to break the stupid mundane stereotype, a Brazilian stud MACHO sex symbol celebrity soccer player SUPER HOT if you ask me (which I am sure drive people mad) RAI loves MEN, left his wife two years ago, and has been dating equally MACHO HIP celebrity Zeca Camargo.
Having said all that, I have a HELL of a sense humor, which has been boosted 10 times fold after moving to New England and I did literally laughed out loud when I watched this video below making fun of the new term "ZECA CHUTEIRA", in other words, groupies male, after male soccer players.
Enjoy ;)

Please be nice to gay people every chance you get, principally the young ones.
It seems like we have made a lot of progress in recent years, but sadly enough we are still treated like crap very often, and the worse part, family members are usually the most cruel to gay people.


Danielle said...

My MIL actually tried to tell me about this story as if it were some kind of scandal, and wasn't it horrible that such a handsome man was "lost" to the gay side? I argued her into a corner, and the conversation ended with her saying, "wow, it's really amazing how open your generation is. I guess we old people could learn a lot from you."

Danielle said...
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Alex said...

Wow, great job Danielle! You must have shown how smart you are, because most people who are set in their ways would NEVER admit something like this.

Anyway, interesting story!


American Heart Brazilian Soul said...

HA! Danielle, I have to confess that I kinda of liked her answer, she sounds very smart and flexible to get out of a corner in a diplomatic way! ;)
Yeap, I am disappointed with family members often, my brother's wife said "Wow, he is too masculine, I can't believe it, it must be a lie"!!!!! UGH!!
It's tough, I will tell you.


American Heart Brazilian Soul said...

Thanks Alex, I just learned what "Maria Chuteira" and "Zeca Chuteira" means myself!! ;)


Born Again Brazilian said...

The women are just mad that we lost another hotty to the other side. I know plenty of men that are very masculine and still very gay.

Rachel said...

Thank goodness I have you to keep me in the know!

American Heart Brazilian Soul said...

Dear B.A.B,

Thanks, I have actually met more gay men that are masculine than afeminate, and of course, there is nothing wrong with being afeminate, it just is a wrong idea to think that we are all afeminate.
The biggest misconception regarding gays is when people confuse sexual preference and gender identity.


American Heart Brazilian Soul said...


Glad to keep you in the know :)


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