Friday, June 1, 2012

Improving Public Transportation in Brazil

This is a short post about an observation that Gil and I were able to make from our recent trip to Brazil.
Public transportation is improving all over the country and in a great way, the subway in Sao Paulo is reaching areas in the metropolitan region only served by bus until now.
The trains are being modernized and new buses with Air Conditioning and even TV can be found all over the place.
Curitiba probably started the trend many years ago, they have always had a great bus system that has been copied around the world, including Canada, the USA and Colombia among others.
I found this video today on UOL and thought of dear fellow blogger and friend Tom Le Mesurier, from Eat Rio,  because he is a Bus lover/admirer and rides buses in Rio daily. Tom, I hope you get to benefit from these new buses in Rio. ;)





Shayna @ Adventurous Soul said...

Interesting! I hope some of these changes will make it to Salvador - it's really bad here. There was some talk last year about a "Rapid Transit Bus" since the metro will take another 200 years to complete at this rate. Here's hoping!

Ray and Gil said...

Dear Shayna,

Let's see, a lot is happening with all the money pouring into Brazil for the Olympincs and the World Cup. I am condident Salvador will complete and accelarate the construction of their subway.
Thanks for your comment.


Alex said...

I think it's great, especially in Rio-where the infrastructure is needed pretty badly from what I've seen. That city is really evolving, and mark my words-I think Rio will be the 'it' city of the next two decades, at least.

Ray and Gil said...


You are right! I have to agree with you.
Rio de Janeiro has been semi abandoned by the Brazilian federal gov for the past 18 years. Because Rio state and city have constantly been in opposite political parties from the federal gov. So they have been neglected for a long time.
Now is different, and they are catching up fast.
In my opinion Rio can become a paradise place, even more than what already is now.
Awesome weather, beautiful, fun and kind people, gorgeous nature, incredible views!
Happy to see all the progress.

Abracos Alex, thanks for stopping by