Friday, January 6, 2012

012 Global-We are HUGE fans!

      This is a joint post written by me with Rachel's ideas and suggestions.

      So, dear friend (our blog's madrinha), and fellow blogger Rachel from Rachel's Rantings in Rio  wrote me this morning and suggested we shared these awesome new calling option we recently found out and have been using to call Brazil from the US and to call the US from Brazil, a super convenient and cheap way to fit any budget and need.
      It's not only affordable international calling but a super cool option for people living in the US like Gil and I, and Rachel's family for example, to have our own exclusive local Brazilian phone numbers. 
      Yes, you heard me right, now, your family, friends and loved ones living in the US can have their own local numbers in Brazil, so when you are ready to call them, you dial that local Brazilian number and the phone rings in their preferred number in the US, it can be a cell phone or home phone, no difference, for a low fixed price, unlimited minutes and no catches and no hidden fees.
       "012 Global" has several different plans with all kinds of different options and prices to fit your needs and budget.
       Gil and I chose the U$14,00 a month plan, we pay this fixed amount every month and we have our own local ( 011 ) Sao Paulo phone number. This plan was perfect for me, principally because I am looking for jobs in Brazil and by having a local Sao Paulo number I can share this number on my resume when applying for jobs in Brazil and the Brazilian companies looking at my resume will be much more likely to call me when seeing a local Brazilian phone number on the resume.
       So, when anyone calls my local (011) Sao Paulo number, the call rings in the US, and get this, you can program up to 3 different US numbers to your local Brazilian number. 
       Example: When my mother dials my local Sao Paulo number, she hears a recording that says: press 1 for home, press 2 for cell, press 3 for office. 
       Yes, isn't that cool? Your local Brazilian number works as a local call for your loved ones or anyone calling you in Brazil and they have a choice to reach you in any of those options. Up to 3 different numbers, we programed our HOME, CELL AND WORK. :)
       I have a big family and they are all super excited that they can now dial my "LOCAL SAO PAULO" number and I answer the call on any of my phones in the US.
       My mother calls me everyday and gives me the inside scoop of all the gossip going around in the family, in her building, worth to mention that my parents have lived in the same building in Sao Paulo since I was 6 years old, that is 36 years my friends. That building is like a small town within the big city.
       My brother and my sisters now tell me that I am better informed about what is going on with "The Family" than they are, and they live there. I am in New England and folks in Brazil are calling me to get the freshest news and the family's hottest gossip!! ;)
       Just about a month ago, I shared this great new option with Rachel's mom and she joined the same company and "surprise", I got a U$10,00 credit to call Brazil from the US on my account, that is like more than 1000 minutes, it was a very cool gift.
       Rachel's mom chose the same plan we did, so now Rachel can dial a Rio de Janeiro number and her Mom answers on her phone in the US, all this for a fixed montly price, and the plans have unlimited minutes, so you can talk FOREVER!!! :)
       So, keep in mind, you get about 1000 minutes worth of "International" US to Brazil calls if you refer a friend. :)
       Another good thing to remember, 12 Global also has a system for you to call Brazil for dirt cheap prices. They are actually the best way to call Brazil I have found. Their prices are even better if you call a Rio or Sao Paulo area code. I have saved my debit card on file with them so I get automatic recharges from my Bank.
       I hope I was clear enough, this can be kind of confusing. So please don't hesitate to write comments and ask questions if something wasn't clear.
       Before anyone ask, I have no connections with this company, won't benefit in any way from this post, and don't know anyone who works for them.
       I am simply sharing with you guys a great new way we found to keep in touch between the US and Brazil.
       Rachel, Gil and I have been using 012Global for a couple of months now and we are HUGE fans and definitely recommend you take a look at it.
       Please find the link below where you will be able to explore their website and their many different options and plans.

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With these plans you can talk unlimited to many destinations and get a local virtual number in many countries such as Brazil, Israel, Argentina and much more.
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With these plans you can call to many destinations at the best rates available and pay only for what you really use, no hidden charges, no expiration!


Robert said...

Wow What a nice blog...

Robert said...

Really nice blog you have posted. i hope you will continue with the same.

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Meredith said...

So it's like Magic Jack but the other way around? We have a local (upstate NY) phone number where my family/friends can call us and our phone rings here.

Jim said...

So how is this cheaper than Skype? I pay 2 cents a minute to call my family in Florida. Is this cheaper?

Shay said...

I would like the specifics as well as to how the costs compare with Skype for example. I call Rio often so I would love a really good cheap plan! :)
Can you help us with the cost comparisons?

Jim said...
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Ray and Gil said...


It sounds similar, but keep in mind we don't ever need to hook anything to a computer or internet.


Ray and Gil said...


Sorry I am not too familiar with Skype. Gil uses to talk to his mom via internet, and he doesn't pay anything. I never really looked into those paid options in Skype.
Like I mentioned to Meredith, this system uses no internet ever, it's 100% phone line to phone line, you don't need to have internet service to make it work.


Ray and Gil said...


Thanks for visiting our blog and we appreciate your kind comments.


Ray and Gil said...

Dear Shay,

As I just mentioned to Jim, I am not too familiar with the Skype options.
I call Brazil all the time too, and I have used many different companies and ways to call Brazil and the cheapest by far is 012Global. I have an account with them and I credit about 10 dollars a month, which gives me a lot of minutes. It costs 2cents a minute to any area code in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro and a few other major Brazilian cities.
They have great customer service and great quality of sound. We have never had problem to use them.
And my absolute favorite is the fixed monthly price for our own Private phone number in Brazil.
Thanks for leaving a comment.


Ray and Gil said...


Thanks for the heads up. ;)



Shay said...

Thanks Ray.

I'm trying to understand the description that they have under the plans. It says 250 MINUTES CALL P /

What does Call P/ Fixed and Receive calls mean exactly? Can you explain it more clearly?

Is this just a regular 250 minutes plan that means you can call and receive calls? Can you call and receive calls on cell phones with this plan or just landlines?

Does this plan give you that personal number you talked about or how does a plan like this work?

Sorry about the questions...I know you don't work for them..LOL

Alex said...

Wow, great option! I will definitely need this!



Born Again Brazilian said...

That's so cool!! I actually did something similar and have a US number through Skype, which I pay US$60 for a year, and my friends and family can just call a NYC number direct from their phones. When I call out, I use a pay-as-you-go plan and it is so inexpensive! Nice to know there is another option as well.

Gilda said...

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