Monday, October 17, 2011

Fast Food Items not found in the US!

I have said here before, Gil and I are not big fans of fast food, but I have to confess, we will rely on fast food when we travel to places that we are not familiar with the restaurant scene, be that in the US or in other countries. Both for practical reasons and sometimes for safety reasons. You can always trust that a fast food chain will give you consistency and usually have safer food handling.

 Anyone who has traveled in rural areas of the US, principally the South, know that very often, your options are reduced to a number fast food places on the side of the freeways. Most options with loads of fried food.
We have found different items at McDonald's all around the US and our all time favorite is:

Mac Lobster Roll is found in most of New England during Lobster Season
I have also enjoyed McDonald's in Spain, much higher quality than McDonald's in some other countries:
Awesome McD sandwich in Spain with Spanish Jamon and Olive Oil
In Japan you can find the Mc Donald's Hot Dog, you can also find Mc Donald's authentic Bratwurst in some towns in rural Pennsylvania, but I couldn't find a picture of the PA option:
Mc Hot Dog in Japan
 Below is an article I read today about some other options you find in Fast Food restaurants around the world that are not available in the US. Ironically enough, the most disgusting one in my opinion is the last one, found in Burger King restaurants in Brazil, cholesterol much!!!  :(

Fast Food Items You Can't Have

by Matt Brownell
Sunday, October 16, 2011

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Fast food chains like McDonald's don't become global brands by cooking up the same old burgers and fries in every country.
Chains wishing to hang a shingle in a new country generally follow a strategy known as "localization," tailoring their menus to fit local tastes. In some cases it's subtle (in China, for instance, you can get chili garlic sauce with your McNuggets) while in other cases the menu is almost unrecognizable (in India, you won't find any beef or pork at burger chains).
That means that fast food fans in other countries get menu items that Americans can only dream of. Here are a few we wish we could have.

The Meat Monster (Burger King, Japan)

When most people want to put something on their burgers, they usually think of toppings like cheese, bacon, onions and tomatoes. The geniuses at Burger King put all of that on, then decided to throw on a chicken breast for good measure.
The result is the Meat Monster, a sandwich available at Burger King in Japan only. Perhaps the beast of a burger was meant to appeal to Japan's love of kaiju (monster) movies; in any case, we know it appeals to us. Bring this one stateside, Burger King.

McVeggie (McDonald's, India)
McDonald's has never been a preferred destination for vegetarians. While the fries no longer contain beef flavoring (the company discontinued the practice in 2001 in response to a lawsuit), meat-free customers still don't have too many choices beyond a few token salads.

Things are a bit different in India, though. Hinduism is the dominant religion there, which forbids consumption of beef and pork, and vegetarianism is widespread. The result is the rare spectacle of a McDonald's with no hamburgers. In addition to the standard Filet-O-Fish, you also get the Chicken Maharaja Mac and the McVeggie, the latter of which uses bread, potato, peas, carrots and Indian spices.

McZüri (McDonald's, Switzerland)

Photo: McDonald'
Starting this month, McDonald's Switzerland has starting rolling out experimental new items that cater to local tastes. While the McGrillschnägg — a sausage made from Swiss pork — certainly looks appetizing, the standout star for us is the McZüri, made from 100% Swiss veal. Yes, we said veal. The patty is accompanied by mushrooms and caramelized onions. Apparently McDonald's is a bit more upscale in Europe.

Paneer Tikka Sub (Subway, India)
Subway's menu isn't as beef-intensive as McDonald's meat-centric offerings, so its 223 Indian locations aren't as unrecognizable as McDonald's Indian restaurants. But there's definitely some local flavor there in addition to the usual lineup for sandwiches, including chicken tandoori and tikka subs. And there are plenty of options for vegetarian customers, including the paneer tikka, which the site describes as "cottage cheese slices marinated with barbecue seasoning and roasted to a light crispness."

Krushers (KFC, Germany)
In the U.S., KFC has focused on chicken products and generally stayed away from doing anything too creative in the dessert space, but in other countries it's a much different story. KFC locations in Australia, Germany, South Africa and other countries offer a line of dessert drinks known as Krushers, which come in such flavors as mango, strawberry, Kit Kat and Triple Choc Crunch. The drinks are mixed with large chunks of fruit or candy (including sliced-up strawberries and Oreo cookies). To slurp up the chunks, the drinks come with extra-wide straws.

Bubur Ayam McD (McDonald's, Malaysia)

Photo: McDonald'
Apparently bubur ayam — which translates to "chicken broth," according to Google — is a traditional Malaysian dish. And according to the English-language McDonald's Malaysia website, the Bubur Ayam McD consists of "juicy chicken strips in mouth-watering porridge, garnished with spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots and diced chilies ... just like mum's cooking!" We're guessing that this dish won't be coming to the U.S. anytime soon, but we'd still be curious to try it.

Trio Supremo (Burger King, Brazil)
Burger King is now owned by a Brazilian company, 3G Capital, so we expect the Brazilian locations to have top-notch cuisine. And Burger King Brazil has indeed come up big with the Trio Supremo, which comes with chicken nuggets, onion rings and French fries smothered in cheddar cheese and bacon bits. The whole thing amounts to 1,072 calories and 58 grams of fat. As far as we're concerned, America is up to the challenge of this one.


Jennifer Souza said...

I like the Indian SUbway- it looks good! Well, as good as fast food can look. :-l

Nina said...

I'm liking India too! The veggie burger looks like my fave!

Rachel said...

The McChicken came back to the US right? When I left there and came here they hadn't had it in my country for years. I was STOKED to see in it Brazil. It's still here. If we have a rare stop at McD's it's what I get :)

Ray and Gil said...

Hell yeah, Rachel, it's one of my favorites too.
Not only Mc Chicken is back but it's on the DOLLAR MENU, we have all gone broke up here. :(

Ray and Gil said...

Jennifer, Nina,

Gil and I said the same thing, we wonder why they don't have the McVeggie here! It sounds like a good idea.
But it seems like we have been going the opposite direction up here, new sandwiches feature Bacon on Top of Beef Burgers and loads of Cheese!!! I know, as much as I love Bacon, Beef and Cheese, when seen it all piled up and squashed in between two buns, it doesn't look so appetizing. I will pass. :)


Born Again Brazilian said...

McLobster?! Really?! That is awesome. How can you go wrong.
I've never seen a Burger King here. But if I do, I'll stay away from the trio.

Alex said...

Mc Lobster? Say what?

I don't know whether I would go crazy over it or be super scared that I'd get food poisoning from McDonald's- they are not rebound for their fresh seafood selection....

India looks cool, and the Burger King thing from Brasil scares me. Oh my!

Ray and Gil said...

B.A.B., Alex,

Yes, McFriggin Lobster Roll. I love it and it's the ONE time I run to McDonald's with my mouth salivating!!
Keep in mind, it's seasonal, and not even every Lobster season. It is only featured when there is less demand for Lobster all around and the local over production turns to McDonalds for a sure bet.
It is made with 100% Real Lobster meat and it costs only
U$7,99. Lobster Rolls in local New England delis usually go for anything between 10 and 20 bucks a pop, so McDonald's offer a real good deal.
Also, Lobster used to be a blue collar food. It is still somewhat cheap and readily available around here. :)


Tom Le Mesurier said...

If you ever drop by New Zealand they do a rather fine 'Kiwi Burger' at McDonalds. No need to worry about their endangered flightless birds though, this was basically a big burger with a fried egg and slice of beet. In searching for a picture I found this site which I am still struggling to digest - Pasta Zoo Goo? Prosperity Burger? McRice Burger?! I had no idea!

Jana said...

ok mclobster? totally jealous thats ahhmazing! The indian subway sandwhich is looking pretty good too! I love Subway here, go all the time and they ofcourse have great dried tomatoes just like the Brazilians like em... =)

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