Wednesday, April 13, 2011



I hope I'm not being unfair with the other countries out there, but I really doubt that there's another like this one where demonstrations of solidarity such as the one on the video above are not uncommon. I must say that I've learned the true sentiment of solidarity while living here. Here in the US, once people take notice that you're in real trouble, there they are knocking on your door offering help without expecting anything in return. It's a wonderful thing! The sense of community is so deeply rooted in the American character that it never stops to amaze me. In the US, you don't need to be suffering from a catastrophe to get help from strangers, all you need is to be crying for help.
Thank you my dear Americans for being such an inspiration to me!



Rachel said...

I can't say all Americans are like this but, none-the-less, this is an amazing story!

Gil and Ray said...


It's really inspiring to see the strong sense of community around here, and how fast people are to organized themselves and pull together in times of need :)