Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Proud to be Brazilian

Yes, I know, at times, we can have a lot going against us, hey, who doesn't! But, in the end, we always manage to pull through, one way of another, we make it work.
This makes me think about the "Jeitinho Brasileiro", (which in my opinion is not a way to go around the rules or law but rather a creative way to solve challenges), so here we go, to all the naysayers, it looks like the preparations for the Soccer World Cup are turning out just fine, ports, subways, new bus corridors and train systems, 30 Airports being expanded and remodeled, widening of highways and bridges, and 12 new soccer stadiums are being completed as promised, maybe it won't be air tight perfect, but Brazil will definitely be ready to host the World Cup in 2014.
I just spoke with a personal friend from childhood who is one of the lead engineers on the reconstruction of the Maracana Stadium in Rio, he is actually not even from Rio originally, he was brought in from Belo Horizonte, apparently all the other civil engineers in Rio were busy in other projects, he is happy and making a lot of money, plus he loves Rio.
He also told me the Maracana project is moving ahead full force and they will be done on time, and most likely will even finish ahead of schedule, he really likes the way things are progressing.
My friend pointed me towards this video and I thought it is really cool and it showed me a side of Brazil I didn't know, a lot of progress, a lot of work, hope you enjoy it.
I have to say this video made me even more proud to be Brazilian!!!
What a beautiful country!!! (Can't wait to get back!!)   ;)
Brazilians are working hard and I am confident the country will be able to show the world a great World Cup!!!

Abracos a todos




Alex said...

I also think that everything will get done in you said, maybe not air-tight perfect, but there will at least be something.

However, I don't know if the airports are gonna be ready. I flew into Guarulhos 3 weeks ago and i saw minimum construction....I really do HOPE it gets done though!

American Heart Brazilian Soul said...


Guarulhos and 4 other major Airports were just privatized, so they should turn into ultra luxury Shopping Malls in no time... ;)


Born Again Brazilian (not religion, just Brazilian) said...

You should be proud to a Brazilian! Cool video.

Unknown said...

Great video, great blog, Didn't realise you were Brazilian, your English is better than mine and I'm from England,doh!
I believe in Brasil to be ready for the World Cup, in fact I am hoping to see the England and Brazil friendly on June 2nd at the Maracana, please god be ready. :)