Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Anthony Bourdain-Layover-Sao Paulo

I really loved this show! REALLY!! :D
First and foremost, the great MERCADO MUNICIPAL where dear friend "Born Again Brazilian" and I had the classic Paulistano Mortadela Sandwich on my last trip to the city, I will tell you more about that later.
Now, if you want/need a crash course on Sao Paulo, this is the best 47 minutes you will spend learning about the city.
Gil and I have been watching the entire "Layover" series and this is our absolute favorite, hands down.
A few things to note from the video, they confirm what I have been telling you fine folks for a while, PIZZA is for DINNER only, PERIOD!!!!!! Remember our "Word's Best Pizza" post? :)
I love UNIQUE Hotel and stayed there a couple of years ago and highly recommend it. If you don't want to spend R$1800,00 per night, at least go there for a drink or dinner and make sure to ask for CHURROS com DOCE DE LEITE, the best I have ever tried. They bring you a tray with baby churros and a little pot with delicious doce de leite do dip in, you will have a great Sao Paulo experience.
Mocoto Restaurant at Vila Medeiros sounds awesome, my mouth was watering the entire time Anthony Bordain was eating there, I have never tried "Northeastern" Brazilian food, but it sounds like a great opportunity to try and learn more about it, after all, so many Northern Brazilians have migrated to Sao Paulo since the 1970's, they are a part of the city now and it looks like they are in for good.
Sao Paulo was formed mostly by ITALIANS, JAPANESE, PORTUGUESE and GERMANS, but saw immigrants from all sorts of countries such as Spain, Lithuania, Greece, Ukraine, Austria, Danish, England, Russia, Poland, you name it.
Sao Paulo had more immigrants speaking several different European languages in the beginning of the last century than Portuguese, yeah, Portuguese speakers were a minority in the 1920's, we truly are a city of immigrants.
Ok, I will say no more, the show is really informative, a great summary of Sao Paulo.



Corinne said...

Is it better than his "No Reservations" show on SP? I generally like Bourdain, but his friends in SP travel by helicopter and go to ultra-rich pousadas on the seaside. Not really useful for those of us not in the 1%.

American Heart Brazilian Soul said...

Dear Corinne,

Ultra-rich pousadas shouldn't exist, because in Brazil, pousada means a very simple place to stay, you shouldn't expect all services offered by a Hotel at a pousada. If it's fancy it's a hotel.
Having said that, I do like Layover Sao Paulo better than "No Reservations Sao Paulo" because Anthony Bordain knows Sao Paulo a lot better now and this show makes much more sense than the first one.
He uses the same "consultant" (the woman holding the umbrella on the video) for both "No reservations" and "Layover", and she is clearly NOT from Sao Paulo (accent) and she doesn't know much of what Paulistas really do in the city.
His consultant sound biased and somewhat of a culinary snob. That is clear when they show DOM, one of the most exclusive and expensive restaurants in the city.
I did like most of this Layover Sao Paulo episode. I loved when they showed the Mercado, the feira with it's fruit and fish variety, that was genuine and I think, useful to anyone visiting Sao Paulo. I was also intrigued by the Northeastern Food restaurant at Vila Medeiros, I had never heard about it and will definitely try it on my next trip to the city.
18 million Paulistas struggle through traffic daily and I think the 4 thousand or so that are fortunate enough to have access to a Helicopter became somewhat of a novelty story that everyone likes to hear about it, out of curiosity, but most Paulistas never step foot inside a Helicopter in their entire lives.
My general opinion is that Anthony Bordain did a great job with the short period of time he spent in the city, some of it useful to all of us, some just a curiosity and novelty thing to know about the city, but he did a fair portrait of Sao Paulo in my opinion.
Thanks for your comment!! :)


Born Again Brazilian (not religion, just Brazilian) said...

Yum! I still dream about that sandwich!! I've been trying to find this video. Thanks! Catching up on your blog now that I'm back in Sao Paulo with some internet service.

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